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Australian Labradoodles have an allergy friendly coat but this unfortunately does not mean that everyone with a dog allergy will tolerate an Australian Labradoodle. It is possible to be allergic to saliva, urine, hair or dander and each person's allergy is slightly different.

Our experience shows that a large percentage of people with dog allergies do not react to Australian Labradoodles, but this does not apply to everyone. We therefore strongly recommend that you meet an Australian Labradoodle before you begin the purchasing process.

Ideally you will be able to meet the one or both parents of your puppy well ahead of time.

On occasions you may find that you react when your puppy comes home. This may be because of allergens that the puppy has picked up through contact with another animal (a dog or cat in the breeders home, at the vet's office etc). If this is the case, you will see a vast improvement after bathing the puppy.

If you do have a reaction you must contact the breeder who will work with you to find the best possible solution. You should never re-home the puppy yourself without contacting your breeder.



We make NO guarantee to the finished Labradoodle coat colour, colours can and do change from their puppy colour, some dogs/puppies will remain dark chocolate, and some may mature into cafe/Parchment. Black puppies occasionally turn silver; there is usually an indication of this quite young.

We cannot make any guarantees that fleece will remain fleece or wool will remain wool, this is quite common for this to change.

We have a very high success rate with breeding low and non shedding ASD Labradoodles.

We endeavour to continue with the success of breeding low and non shedding puppies/dogs but except no responsibility if a puppy were to shed.

Before Reserving Your Puppy, if you have allergies we recommend you see an allergy specialist.

No warranties, guarantees or indemnities are made with respect to the tolerance level for allergies, asthma or any other medical condition.  No liability will be accepted for any claim arising from any medical condition