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Our Australian Labradoodle Testimonials


Otis with his big brother Keir!


Just wanted to let you know how Charlie is doing.

This big charming boy is doing Great!

He wants to play every minute and he is very happy when he sees children.  He loves to eat our shoes, slippers and the cuddly toys of our daughter are his favourite, unfortunately for Charlie, the bedroom of our daughter is now a "no access area' for him:-)       We love him!

All the best and kind regards,


Amsterdam, Holland


Here a bit of news on Bob 's adventures in Holland.  Bob is doing very well and has well adapted to his new life in Holland.  The first few nights he was crying and barking a bit when he needed to stay alone in the kitchen at night, but he is well adjusted to that.

He has had quite a few visitors to meet with him and has been spoiled very much with many toys. He is the star of the neighbourhood, everyone thinks he is so handsome :)

I took him with me to visit my mum in the south of Holland, ( 2 hours drive) and he was very well behaved in the car. He stayed in the front seat next to me and after 2 corrections me telling him he could not climb on my lap while driving he stayed in the seat for the whole trip. Quite amazing :) He has adapted walking on the leash very well now. However I prefer to let him walk and run freely. It is not possible everywhere when there are cars but we are taking him as much as we can to areas where he can run and enjoy himself a bit. He is very obedient and learning very fast to come back to us when we call him. He is very keen on the little treat he gets when he comes back. :)

We have a bit of a hard time making him releave himself outside, however he is very well in using the newspaper it is hard to make him understand to do it outside. We continue to praise him when he does it outside but the newspaper inside is still very attractive too.

I added in 2 pictures for you to see he is having a great time here with us.

Kind regards,  Carla

Mijdrecht, The Netherlands



I thought I'd drop you these two photos of Darcie as she had her first trip to the groomers today!

She was so good and enjoyed chewing on their chain lead and is turning out to be such a lovely girl. She's literally my shadow when I'm at home!

She goes training with Zac every morning and sits outside the boathouse with her best friend Charlie the lab and is GB Rowing's unofficial mascot! Anyway, it was just a quick hello, she's going up to Yorkshire with us this weekend (the hair do won't last then!) for a wedding so best get all of her bits together.

Hope you're well and all the best,

Fliss, Zac and Darcie! :)



This is Fabrice and I give you some news about Bella (rename Gaa)

Everything 's all right with her she is a wonderful girl who brings us a great joy

it's a great pleasure to have her at home she made her first visit to the vet today

everything is all right.  Pplease find some pictures of her made today

Best regards





Just wanted to email to let you know how wonderful Scrappy is.

He had been with us for nearly 3 months now and he is just amazing. Even my husband loves him more than he thought possible! In fact he is so adorable that even my mother in law who dislikes animals has fallen in love with him and allows him to come and visit.

He has the sweetest temperament and loves being around people. He is incredibly smart and has very good manners both in and out of the house. When we go for walks people constantly stop up to tell us how beautiful he is. The only downside at the moment is his knack for finding the largest, deepest, muddiest puddles which he trots into the middle of and lays down!!

I have attached some photos so you can see what a gorgeous boy he is.

Thank you again,

Jo Hamburger x


Good to hear from you. Marley is doing great, he has settled in fantastic and is still getting use to his surroundings. we are probably spoiling him too much, but sure he's worth it!! I let him have the whole kitchen for bed time over the last two nights and he did us proud by being a clean boy, superb for his age and new environment. Marley is picking most things up very quickly and is a true joy to be part off. Lesley has been taking him into our golf shops during the day and everyone cant believe how gorgeous and friendly he is (loves children) and is incredibly social and approachable.

He now sits on first command with treats, nearly there with the paw!! Its hard to believe he has done all this in a week and his age.

Regards Brian

Northern Ireland


Attempting to send you some  pics of Barney at 6 months old!  Isnt he just fabulous!

 Paul & Caroline  





Thank you so much for your mail! It's so lovely to see a picture of Blue's sister. I didn't know that you had kept two girls from the litter, that's a huge testament to what a great little they must have been. 

 I'm not being an over proud owner here, Blue is an absolute show stopper, its quite ridiculous. Everywhere we go people stop and stare and want to know all about him. My friends don't believe me until we all go out for a day and they see it for themselves. So many pub lunches have gone cold this year, as I'm approached by yet another person who has stopped to find out what he is and where they can get one! I give your website details and phone number to every one who asks where I got him- probably over 100 people this summer as the tourists descended on Cornwall! 

I had one lady chased me down the bypass to Asda, she had originally been driving in the opposite direction and saw Blues head hanging out the car window ( not his best look) and did a u-turn at the roundabout then followed us to the supermarket car park!

He is such a lovely dog. I must admit the first few weeks before he was allowed to walk on the lead were completely overwhelming, but ive tried my best to stick rigidly to the advice in 'The Dog Listener' and 'The perfect puppy' and finally its paid off - he is so well behaved but still has those lovely doodle characteristics which I wouldn't change for the world!

He loves other dogs but isnt really bothered about other people, which has turned out well as many of my friends who have kids who are scared of dogs have used Blue to socialise their kids with dogs!

 I'm so glad that people have contacted you after seeing Blue on the Labradoodle associations website, there do seem to be a lot of breeders out there who are in it to make a fast buck and don't really care what the dogs turn out like.

I put a new post on the forum yesterday showing Blue's transition from 8 weeks to 1 year which is really interesting for those who have puppies and wonder what they will turn out like. Please feel free to click and save any of these pics if you would like to put them on the gallery of your site.

Ill pass on the big hug from you to Blue!   Warmest Regards,   Anna and Blue x


Just took this picture of Noodle with Charlotte. She is getting on wonderfully and we all adore her.

Best wishes


Noodle and Charlotte

Yes all is well with Ruby (poor thing, we decided she wasnt an Ani after all!). She is settling in nicely and we are all getting into a routine. We think she is gorgeous and are made up with her. Thanks for making the long journey and bringing her up to us last week.

The first three days she was very quiet and wasnt interested in her food. On Wednesday all changed! She suddenly got her appetite back and her confidence is growing all the time. She has been out and about & is doing well on her lead even now. We took her onto the meadows yesterday; she is going to love it down there when she can run free.  We started puppy classes on Friday. I may be biased but she was the cutest one there and she did really well too. A bit unsure of the larger boisterous dogs but she could certainly hold her own with the little ones. Ruby has been good with Patrick so far but she is only a puppy and he has so many interesting things dangling from his wheelchair (including hands and sleeves!) that it is all very tempting for her. She is learning slowly though and I will let you know in the future how the two of them get on.

I have attached a few photos. We think she is great and you can see that she has already made herself at home!

Best wishes 



Ruby with her family

Photos of Lucy

She is doing wonderful, she is very happy and we love her!

Best wishes,

Tom, Inge and Lucy



Just a short note to say that Jackson and Jenson are absolutely wonderful.  They have both settled down really well and see each other almost every day.  Jackson  is doing very well at puppy class and will soon be trying for his bronze medal, which I am in no doubt he will get very quickly. ! 

Take care,



Jackson & Jenson


Please find attached an 'Xmas Portrait'.  However, Hobbes knows his own mind, and doesn't like hats, so they were added later!

Hobbes is a fantastic dog, his nature is beautiful.  We get stopped often when walking him as he is such a handsome chappy.

We hope that all is going well for you.

Hobbes says Hi!      Sam, Glenn, Callum, Lauren and of course, Hobbes.

 Hobbs Stretching his legs in Bracknell Forest!


Teddy is such a beautiful dog we absolutely adore him!  He has the most fabulous temperament and is such a good boy - quite amazing!  Everyone is smitten with him. 

How are things with you - see from the website you have a litter of reds coming up - they look divine!  Have a few friends who are toying with the idea so will pass on your details.

Best wishes  Emma


Our little boy Bruce is doing fabulously has settled into family life really well, I have put some photos on in case you want them for future reference.  

Thanks again  Tamar

p..s did the girl puppy go yet (we named her shelia)




I hope you are well, I thought I'd send you and update and a picture of Blue.

He's doing really well, he's great in the car, loves other dogs, but takes a little longer to warm up to other people! He walks very well on his lead, I've been taking him out for 10-15 minute walks every day. He loves going to the beach for a run off the lead and has a little paddle if the waves aren't too big. He also loves streams and mud, there is a small wooded area near us where he can also run around off the lead, he always heads straight for the wet muddy areas!

He is learning quite quickly, and loves showing off at puppy class how he can sit, lie down, roll over and stand. He does tend to get carried away when he's playing with the other puppies after class, last week I got told off by the vet nurse as he didn't come when called, ( I felt like I was at school) so we have been working on that this week. There are so any things he has learnt over the last month and Im sure some things will come quicker than others.

All in all he's adorable, very headstrong and cheeky but full of character!

Regards  Anna



Thanks for your email to let us know you have one girl puppy left.  The reason I asked was because the guy from the pet shop has fallen in love with Radley and was wondering if you had any boys left.  I have passed on your details to him and he hopes to be in touch with you sometime in the future to enquire about future litters.  Radley is doing really well.  He is just perfect and we all love him to bits. 

He now knows; - his toilet area in the garden, how to sit, and at night we just say "go to bed Radley" and off he goes to his bed. What a clever boy!!

I saw on your website today that you have had problems re emails - so I have re sent mums which had a few photos as I am not sure if you received this.

I will send more when I download them to the computer.

I hope you are well and that all of Radley's brothers and sisters are doing well also.

Kind Rgds,





Sorry it has been a while, but I wanted to give you an update on the puppy that we got from you.  

We decided to name him Arthur and he is growing fast!  We have successfully crate trained and house trained him with a few accidents here and there.  He is a very well tempered dog and is very smart.  

We have started to take him on walks through a large forested park where he can run off the lead and he loves meeting and playing with the other dogs.  He also gets a lot of attention when ever we leave the house- everyone says how adorable he is.

We work on his training about three times a day for about 5 min sessions and he successfully comes when we call him and sits on demand.  

We could not have been more pleased with our choice in getting Arthur and he has been constantly enriching our lives.  I have attached some photos of him to show you how he is getting along.

Best wishes,  Cecelia




Many thanks for the New Year card, I only found it yesterday as it was between 2 bills in the mail Giles brought home from work!!  Rio seems to be settling in fine, he cried for about 5 mins the first night and maybe 10 mins through the first week!!  Can't say that I heard him last night!  He is adorable & just loves being close to us.  He is now beginning to eat a little more as he didn't want to bother much during the first few days.  We have taken him out on the lead in the garden & he had a little play in the snow this a.m.  Toilet training is going very well, he uses the training pad (mostly) & usually lets us know just before or just after!  We try to get him outside if possible.  We went to the vets last Wednesday & everything was fine, second injection due next week so looking forward to getting that over with.  He has become an integral part of our family & we all love having him around!  We've found puppy classes in Llanellen & hope to start end of Jan. 

 Thanks for introducing us to Labradoodles & for your help, information & support.

 Happy New Year to you all,

 Lorraine, Giles, Charlie & Morgan x



Hope all is well with you. Just thought I would dropyou a quick line to let you know how Teddy (the name has stuck!!) has settled in to life in Cheshire.

He is absolutely great - we adore having him around. Doing really well with his wees outside (only 3 accidents so far in the house. He has gone through the night dry and with no crying at all which is quite amazing.

He has gone to bed really well tonight. Little bit of whining but very minimal, and today he took himself off to his crate without prompting for a rest.

He is eating better today - has been a bit off food since we got back but you did say to expect that, however he woofed all his dinner tonight so I feel happier now.
  Great with kids - been bit hectic since we got home with people popping over but he seems to have taken itall in his stride.

He is a great little puppy - weare absolutely thrilled with him. Thank you so much. Regards  Emma


Bella doing well thanks. Sleeps in a Crate in Lula's room every night. She has 2 crates (one upstairs and one downstairs ) and quite happily goes in there. She has a very nice temperament and has never shown any aggression towards humans or dogs. Her favorite thing is running/ chasing and play fighting with other dogs. Tallulah absolutely loves Bella and vice versa. Can't walk 5 meters anywhere in public without being stopped and asked what kind of dog she is. We went to a fair/show recently and I would not be exaggerating if I said we were stopped 20 times. Jessica says more like 30! She has her crazy moments like we all do but for the most part she is well behaved and nice natured and a very welcome addition to the family.

Good Luck with the Choccy-doodles.

 Kind Regards,   Derek, Jessica Tallulah and Bella




Just thought we would send you a few photos of Max. he is doing very well and we are really happy with him. regards, Richard.


Well Max is a year old now just thought we would let you know how he is getting on. We are so happy him. Max settled in so well he was easy to house train and gets on really well with the children. His loves going out for walks and loves to play with as many dogs as he can find. We would and have recommended one of your Labradoodles to anyone who wants a fun loving, playful, (a little cheeky too) easy to look after dog. I have attached a few photos so you can see how handsome he is looking

Richard & Tracy




Raffles is just fine!

The journey home went well, Raffles was car sick a couple of times and we stopped a couple of times for a walk and a play.  We arrived home to a "houseful"  .....needless to say the young pup stole all the attention; I just sloped off to a corner of the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea.

The first night was not the best, a couple of hours of crying and howling, however, we weathered the storm and he has settled well.  Initially, Bailey more or less tried to ignore Raffles but slowly they are coming together and now lay on each other on the sheepskin.

Basically after one week we are delighted.  Raffles is bright, fun, can be challenging but overall is obedient and loving.  We are taking care not to over exercise but already as soon as he sees one of us with the leads he gets excited.  I have attached a few photos from his first week.

Regards,  David and Pauline.



 Joey is getting on very well and he has been the perfect dog for us, being very gentle in nature.  I would say this is one of his greatest attributes as he was our first pet and as you know we have young children who are now very confident with dogs.  He has also been very easy to train, I have only taken him to three obedience classes and he can now sit when told and is getting better on the lead every day.  The only thing that has been a set back for him I think was as he was part paper trained and wants to please so much it has taken longer than I would have liked to house train him.  For a good while he would go outside with me and then want to wait til he was back inside to go on any kind of textured surface ie mats, rugs etc. I have now taken up all our rugs and so now he doesnt get confused but I am still not 100% confident when I take him to friends houses etc.  However, I dont know whether in reality you would be able to train them in any other way in the very early days.  Temperament wise he is still very bouncy which I imagine is to be expected from all puppies and he does have a habit of jumping up on people but because he is so lovely with it no one has seemed to mind.  He also definitely needs company, so I am really glad for him that there is always someone at home, either myself or our housekeeper.  He sometimes goes in his crate for a couple of hours at a time during the day but I wouldnt want to leave him any longer than that.  Having said that he is very settled in his crate at night and it is always clean in the morning. 

 I think he is the perfect dog, and would personally recommend you as a breeder if you ever needed that.

 Hope all is well with you.  Fond wishes Shana


What a difference a week makes!!  Just wanted to let you know how well Joey is getting on, you would be very proud of him I am sure.  He is now very confident in our garden and I would say nearly 90% house trained and keeping his crate clean at night.  He is learning to sit and lie down well and although I would say he is not a massive eater he has lots of energy so I am sure he is getting enough food.  I am chomping at the bit to get him out of the house and show him off and it's 7 x days since his last injections tomorrow so I will let you know how we get on.

Most importantly we are all in love with him, even Vernon, who I would say was more reluctant to become a dog owner.  Thank you so much, you have bred a wonderful dog and we couldn't be happier.

 I will keep you updated with Joey's progress.

 Best Wishes, Shana





Joey on his 1st Birthday!

Here is a quick snap of Joey after his long birthday walk! Just wanted to let you know that he is doing really well.

Best Wishes  Shana




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