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Email is our preferred form of communication and the fastest way to get a response.

As you can appreciate we are busy with our dogs, exercising, grooming, vets trips and socialising the puppies.

Please Email us




We are situated in the Stunning County of Monmouthshire, just off the M4 corridor 

Within easy reach of London, Oxford, Bristol, Bath and the Midlands

We are located approx 25 minutes from Severn Bridge Crossing

Approx 2튉 hours from London

 From the M5 and M50, approximately 1 hour from Birmingham

40 minutes from Hereford and 1 Hour from Worcester


Home Tel: 01291 67 1521            Mobile: 0786 166 7876


Worldwide export and delivery can be arranged at very competitive rates, with a highly professional pet transportation service for your puppy

 Comprehensive Worldwide Export Service Available




Our puppies and breeding prospects have been adopted to families and breeders to a number of international locations



 Ascension Island


  South Africa
















Hong Kong



















The best way to contact us initially is via email.  Please expect a response within 24 hours - if you do not receive a response in 24 hours, please email again.  From time to time, we experience computer/email problems, but we do try to answer every email.


If you are trying to contact us by phone and we are not available to take your call personally, please leave your name and repeat your contact telephone number two times-often we receive messages where we have trouble understanding the phone number.

Thank you,

Courtland's Australian Labradoodles

Visitors Welcomed by Appointment Only!



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