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Family Care Home/ Guardian Home Program

Puppies Available

If you would like to find out more about our future Care home puppies please email or call Davina


Families must be within an hour drive of our home in Monmouthshire.

No Full Time Workers, Safe and Secure Garden Essential

Couples welcome and families with dog friendly children 5 years plus (preferred).


If you wish to take part in our guardian home program please contact Davina on 01291 67 1521

or Email:

Families must be within an hour drive of our home in Monmouthshire.


  We breed our puppies and dogs to be the ‘perfect’ family pet.  In an effort for us to expand our breeding program of excellence, we offer a Family Care/Guardian Home program. This allows us to continue with a 1st class breeding program without raising of our dogs in a kennel environment.

Puppies, young adults or adults are sometimes made available to family care homes/guardian homes.

This program allows carefully selected local families to have a dog that is the very best of the breed for the cost of a small deposit, which is fully refundable when the breeding agreement is complete.

The selected dog or puppy lives with it's Guardian family forever. Unless your circumstances change and you can no longer keep the dog.


How to qualify as a guardian:

Be prepared to feed what we feed our dogs and follow breeders recommendations for the dogs basic health care and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules, the use of certain medications, etc. and emergency care as needed.

Must own your own home/if rented you must seek permission from the landlord that pets are allowed and acceptable.

The primary care giver must have a schedule that will not cause the dog to be left home alone for long periods of time on a regular basis.

No other intact dogs should ever be on the premises to prevent unwanted mating.

You must live within 50 miles of us. No anticipated job transfers take you out of the area, until the dog is six years old or spayed or neutered or both parties agree in writing.

You must be willing to enforce basic obedience either through formal class training or training at home.

You must have a safe and secure garden.

You must be willing to openly communicate with us about any matter related to the dog and allow me to visit your home on regular basis.

You must be willing to work with us to complete health testing. Testing which includes hips, eyes, cardiac, & blood test.

We will try to take care of the dog for no charge at any time that you are on holiday.

Agree to limit exercise and type of exercise for the first 12 months  

Prepared to groom regularly and maintain health and condition as received.

Females – Will produce up to three litters in the life time (not more than one littler per year).
You must be willing to work with us to coordinate the breeding of a female. During her gestation period, you will keep in close contact with us. You must agree not to take her to any public dog places such as a park to limit the chance of possible infection.

Understand and agree that females will need to come back to us for honeymooning and at about 5 - 6 weeks gestation and will give birth at our home. Females will be with us for about 7 weeks after giving birth and then will be returned to you. This will not be more than once per year. At six years of age or sooner the dog will be spayed and after she has had her litters, she will be Returned to you after they have been spay/neuter, and they would be then transferred to the guardian home

When the family care home family’s female has her puppies a financial gift is given the family as a reward for the looking after and upkeep of the dog.

At six years of age or sooner the dog will be spayed and after she has had her litters, she will be Returned to you after they have been spay/neuter, and transferred ownership to the guardian home.





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